Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chi-Town Shoutout

I have found quite a few reminders of home in Busan.
"All in Chicago" Antique Americana store in the subway

A downtown "Chicago" bar

One morning I switched on the TV and found an hour long documentary about the history of Chicago

In Hangeul, the letters to the left of UIC read, "She-Ka-Go". Th letters to the right mean dentist. So why is there a Chicago UIC dentist in Busan?

Why, also, is there a UCLA dentist in Busan? What's going on here?

Apparently the US is known for quality dentists and dental schools. Combine that with a lax attitude toward intellectual property rights, and you get "Chicago UIC Dentist". Amazing that UIC has name recognition power this far away. Small world.

Anyway, these are nice reminders of home. Hope everyone is doing well there!

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  1. So there is a market for Cary in South Korea? Excellent. I bet that they like their own lawyers better than crazy American attorneys. I'll have to switch professions if we make the move.
    Your post made me think of when I was in Geneva. When my host mom introduced me, she'd say, 'This is Gretchen. She's from Chicago... pow pow!' Took me a time or two to figure out that she was referring to Al Capone/gangs. Then I felt tough.